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Just released: "Demcoratic City - Education City in the 21st Century: A Roadmap to Social-Educational-Communal Change

The book offers a comprehensive model for social-educational development of cities, towns, villages and regions.

It is a source of inspiration and practical knowledge to the people that are charged with creating better education and society – mayors, urban and social planners, educators, local economy actors, researchers and social activists.

The book addresses the multiple spheres of operation that shape the city. It provide the reader with theories, practical methods and tools, case studies and a roadmap for implementing the change.

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Praise for the book

“In order to change a city it is essential to have a scenario, a project, an idea that all – or the great majority – understand as desirable. If that is collectively understood, society will work towards its realization. A city is a shared dream, and the last refuge of solidarity. This book is a roadmap for understanding the city and realizing this dream” .

Jaime Lerner, architect and urban planer, Former Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil


“Let’s imagine way of creating places that really are without barriers for learning and participation, really motivated to be inclusive full of social aesthetics... The model presented in this book helps to change the cities that want to become better living places.” 

Ines Boban & Prof. Dr. Andreas Hinz, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany


“This book is the best proof of the bridge that can be created between the desired future for all mankind living on our planet, and the possible future which is emerging in front of our very eyes, in many places around the world. The book manifests the power of human dedication and commitment and the possibility to bring about a desired future even when it seems far away”. 

Judge (retired) Shlomo Shoham, Previously Commissioner of Future Generations in the Knesset Chairman, Global Sustainable Leadership Academy


“The time has come to add to the city, the modern Noah’s Ark, new tiers of higher connectivity, responsibility, socialization and meaning. Only in this way can the ark become not just a place of refuge but also a place of destiny… The education city is the missing link in this trend”. 

Prof. David Passig, future researcher, Bar Ilan University


“Education is a never ending challenge, which constitutes our main job as persons, as parents, as teachers and as elected public officials. The education city brings us face to face with the environment and the people in it, and the ability to produce local change in everyday life. The book serves as a compass and toolbox for accomplishing our mission and change makers”

Haim Bibas, Chairman, The Union of Local Authorities in Israel, Mayor of Modi’in-Macabim-Re’ut


“The term ‘Education’ has been undergoing a full scale metamorphosis in  recent years...I hope that this book, containing inspiring examples and raising important points of discussion, will serve as an anchor to educators, mayors and anyone whose soul desires a better society, one that is more civilized, egalitarian and just”.

MK Amram Mitzna, chairman of the education, culture and sports committee of the Knesset. Former mayor of Haifa and head of Yeruham local summoned committee