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About the Institute for Democratic Education

The Vision

The Institute for Democratic Education is an organization for social change that promotes democratic culture based on the Convention on Human Rights. A democratic culture considers it the community’s responsibility to bring to expression the uniqueness (strength, growth, and knowledge) of every individual, promotes collaboration between people, and fosters interaction between the individual, the community, and the environment. 

In this way it aspired to create an egalitarian, decent, vibrant and sustainable society. The Institute encourages optimism, critical thinking and activism by individuals and the community alike, and views education and social processes as major tools in advancing that culture.


Incubating Educational Innovation from a Democratic Point of View

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Institute for Democratic Education (IDE) specializes in making education more inclusive, relevant and dialogue-based. IDE has developed many innovative models and programs (Education Cities, Educational Pioneers, Future Centers, etc.) operated in collaboration with three universities. The 60 IDE team members are engaged in realizing these numerous models in real-world projects and turning the theoretical and practical knowledge into a rich knowledge portfolio. 


Education City. Personal Education. Project Based Learning. Future Centers. Educational Pioneer. Creating Society Together. Academic Programs. Edu-social Innovation Incubator.

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